Campaign | Video content


Tech companies like Twitter are having trouble hiring, and the tech worker shortage forces them to be creative with their recruitment campaigns. How to create that global campaign that inspires techies from all over the world to apply at Twitter and to become a Tweep (Twitter employee)?

Twitter is this unmitigated, unbridled symphony of voices; the good, the bad, and the ugly. A 360 view of the human perspective. The platform serves the world’s conversations and this is showcased by 4 portraits of extraordinary people; We inspire people to become Tweeps by showing inspiring Tweeps. As by the law of magnetic attraction, like goes to like. The five pillars of Twitter – always put transparency first,  we are one team, work your own way, we are thousand voices strong – serve as a guide for the films. To underline the diversity of the platform and its users we diversify the films by using a mix of film styles, photography, b&w/colour, layers of typography animation or illustration.