The Last Sea Gypsy

Documentary | RELEASED


A tribe in harmony with the sea. The emerging modernity disrupts the balance. Overfishing is a threat. A film about three generations in a Bajo sea gypsy family who all deal differently with the modern times. 

Over a timespan of 4 years Arno has travelled 3 times to Indonesia for the film. Each time he stayed a few months with the Bajo. He learned how to free dive to gain their trust and to show his sincere interest. The power and beauty of the traditional Bajo identity really struck him, as did the knowledge that the existence of these people and the nature surrounding them is endangered. 

The Bajo village is a microcosm of our own society. There the rise of capitalism is easily visible. A development that happened a long time ago in our society and something we have partly forgotten. The youngest generation no longer feels the harmony with the sea, their livelihood, and now solely fishes for money.