Starlight Falls

FEATURE FILM | In Post Production | Service Production

A story of three adults in the present day, who attended the same university

In 1993, two freshmen in the food and nutrition department at a university have the same name of Lee Hyun-Jung. People begin to call them Lee Hyun-Jung A (Esom) and Lee Hyun-Jung B (Shim Eun-Kyung) to distinguish them by name.

Lee Hyun-Jung A seems more confident, mature and stylish compared to the other freshmen students. She is admired by the freshmen students because of this. Lee Hyun-Jung B entered the university at the top in the food and nutrition department. She is smart, diligent, and a good speaker.

Meanwhile, Choi Kyung-Soo (Ong Seong-Wu) is a freshman at the same university. To attend the university, he moved to Seoul from his hometown of Sokcho. Due to trauma from his high school days, he is not good at socializing with other people.

Lee Hyun-Jung A and Choi Kyung-Soo join the same astronomy club and develop feelings for each other, but Lee Hyun-Jung B also becomes attracted to Choi Kyung-Soo.