La Ultima Ascension selected twice for the NFF

July 21, 2022
Nederlands Film Festival

Wow! La Ultima Ascensión by Kevin Osepa is selected twice for the Netherlands Filmfestival, in the sections of the ‘Forum voor de Regisseurs’ and for the main ‘Gouden Kalf’ competition!

Forum voor de Regisseurs

In the Forum voor de Regisseurs competition, groundbreaking Dutch arthouse films are entered that all have one thing in common: their uniqueness. Curators of this programme are the film journalist and programmer Hugo Emmerzael and the filmmaker Beri Shalmashi.

The Forum voor de Regisseurs programme is concluded with the presentation of the ‘VEVAM Fund Award of the Forum voor de Regisseurs’. The winners of this award, who will be revealed on Tuesday, 27 September, will receive a cheque of EUR 5,000.

Gouden Kalf Competition

The nominations following from the selections will be announced in September. The nominees for the Golden Calf Competition will be revealed on Saturday, 24 September, after which the Golden Calves will be presented to the winners during the prestigious Golden Calves Gala at Utrecht Municipal Theatre on Friday, 30 September.

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