La Última Ascensión selected twice for the NFF

July 21, 2022
Nederlands Film Festival

Wow! La Última Ascensión by Kevin Osepa is selected twice for the Netherlands Film Festival 2022, in the section of the ‘Forum van de Regisseurs’ and for the main ‘Gouden Kalf’ competition!

Forum van de Regisseurs

In the Forum van de Regisseurs competition, groundbreaking Dutch arthouse films are selected for their uniqueness. Curators of this programme are the film journalist and programmer Hugo Emmerzael and the filmmaker Beri Shalmashi. The winners of this award will be announced on Tuesday 27 September, and will receive €5,000.

Gouden Kalf Competition

La Última Ascensión has also been selected for the main competition under the category ‘Short Films’. The nominations will be announced in September.

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