Daniëlle doing a talk in Sofia on sustainability in film

June 10, 2022
Sofia Meetings: The Green Challenge

Daniëlle was invited by Sofia Filmfestival and the Sofia Meetings to do a talk in Sofia, Bulgaria for Industry Talks: The Green Challenge. This talk was about raising awareness about sustainability in film.

Industry Talks is a new initiative that was launched by MIDPOINT Institute, together with their partners Sofia Meetings & Crossroads Co-Pro Forum, and established training programs ACE, EAVE, and MFI.

Industry Talks aims to deliver professional talks and discussions focused on the future of filmmaking. Within Sofia Meetings (June 6-12, 2022), the talks targeted the green challenge.

The two panels took place on June 10, 2022:

The Green Challenge – Part I
With Tim Wagendorp, (Belgium) in partnership with MIDPOINT Institute:

“At EU level the focus on green film production is growing. But what is a sustainable project? Where starts and stops our professional responsibility? And is storytelling part of the problem? Or is it the solution?”

The Green Challenge – Part II
Danielle Guirguis, Smarthouse (Netherlands) in partnership with ACE and Louis Schneider (Freiluftkino, Berlin) in partnership with CICAE