In Development | Series

A series about the turbulent and spectacular history of Holland’s first multinational.

At the beginning of the 20th century, in the aftermath of the industrial revolution and in the beginning of the women’s rights movement, Gerard and Anton Philips start a lightbulb factory in the provincial town of Eindhoven. Where Anton wants to conquer the world, quickly and explosively, Gerard prefers controlled growth and security. This contradiction proves to be the key to their success. Manipulation, secret deals, night-time smuggle journeys, fraud, seduction, blackmail, corporate espionage; Philips’ story of origin is sensational. 

The show shines a light on Anton and Gerard as pioneers of a start-up avant la lettre. Despite the fact that the story takes place over a century ago, the series displays the excitement of this new modern time that was experienced. This is resembled in the look & feel; Uptempo and dynamic in the visual style and editing, with an unexpected choice for music. Anything but the typical Dutch period drama.

The episodes are structured around the course of events that have determined the personal and corporate affairs of the company and the Philips family. The series is based on true events.