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The founders of Naïf want to tell their story. But ‘about us’ films are often no more than talking heads or simply boring. How can we make a film that truly gives voice to the brand and its founders, and underlines their key impact indicators without becoming boring or preachy?

We stayed as close and personal to Jochem and Sjoerd as possible. Not only with the story we tell (how it all begun) but also by using a light-hearted tone of voice and leaving space for their sense of perspective. Their key impact indicator (KII) is plastic reduction, so we visualised the amount of plastic reduced using PET bottles as a reference.

Naïf is on a mission to make people aware of the fact that most personal care products contain chemicals and plastic that are bad for people and planet. This film helps to raise awareness. Besides, it is used as in introduction to their market launch in German speaking territories.