A series about the turbulent and spectacular history of Holland’s first multinational. At the beginning of the 20th century, in the aftermath of the industrial revolution and in the beginning of the women’s rights movement, Gerard and Anton Philips start a lightbulb factory in the provincial town of Eindhoven. Where Anton wants to conquer the world, …

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The Colour of Spinach

Wanna hear a love story? On the edge of insanity, a young woman finds her moment of freedom while shooting pebbles into a pond…Knowing the powers that hold her are fastly approaching, she cherishes that short moment of rebellion. DIRECTOR DELANO SOOKHA | PRODUCER DANIELLE GUIRGUIS | DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY JOB KRAAIJEVELD | EDITOR ELLEMIEKE MIDDELHOFF OFFICIAL TRAILER


A short movie made WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK of ‘De Ontmoeting’ Omar (14) spends every day in a football cage with the boys from his neighbourhood. His group of friends is close, but they are also hard on each other and any vulnerability is constantly punished. One day Omar’s younger brother Abdul wants to join them. At …

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Jennifer Hopelezz

A portrait of Richard Keldoulis, who fights as dragqueen Jennifer Hopelezz and drag mother to the House of Hopelezz, for an uncompromised sense of sexual freedom.Feature length documentary in post-production, developed and directed by Peter Wingender.


A FEATURE LENGTH DOCUMENTARY Ronald van der Kemp is the worlds’ first sustainable couturier, rebelling against uniformity and pollution in fashion. Watch as RVDK continues to push his brand forward, embraced by (oil) royalty and Hollywood, determined to start a movement with his rallying cry #newethicsinluxuryfashion.DIRECTOR & CAMERA KITTY KOORING | PRODUCER DANIELLE GUIRGUIS | EDITOR BOBBIE ROELOFS | LENGTH 50’ & …


Jeangu Macrooy – Birth of A New Age

yu na mi broko mi The video of Birth of a new Age is a story about rebellion and resilience, told from an afro spiritual perspective. Director Kevin Osepa mesmerizes the audience with spirituality and mythology on a journey from rebellion to liberation, symbolized by Jeangu’s baptism, erupting in a powerful, colourful celebration. The celebration …

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