Month: March 2022

This is where the reconstruction starts

The project The theme of the city of Rotterdam in 2016 is Rotterdam Celebrates the City! – inspired by 75 years of post-war reconstruction. As part of this program, International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) & Smarthouse Films present the project This Is Where Reconstruction Starts. Six young, leading international filmmakers were asked to make a …

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Autumn Willow

Two devastated Dutch grandparents have to fight with their Chinese in-laws over the custody of their grandchildren after their son has been horrifically murdered by his estranged wife. DIRECTOR SASHA LI | PRODUCER DANIELLE GUIRGUIS, CRISTIANO BORTONE  & FAN ZHANG In collaboration with Bridging the Dragon

Nummer 18

EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE LENGTH ART FILM BY THE LEGENDARY VISUAL ARTIST GUIDO VAN DER WERVE. Guido has always searched for a confrontation with life through his work. A terrible accident in 2016 changed everything. The film Number Eighteen is a poetic self-analysis; how his inferiority complex and fear of dying eventually saved his life. His life …

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A series about the turbulent and spectacular history of Holland’s first multinational. At the beginning of the 20th century, in the aftermath of the industrial revolution and in the beginning of the women’s rights movement, Gerard and Anton Philips start a lightbulb factory in the provincial town of Eindhoven. Where Anton wants to conquer the world, …

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